Padhia Avocado

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Several years ago, Padhia decided to end her life. She had suffered for countless years with debilitating depression and was then re-diagnosed with a rare form of bipolar where instead of swinging from Highs to Lows, she swung from Low to Lower. The doctors wanted to add even more meds to the high doses that already didn’t work. She decided she had done her best but could not live this life anymore- a life she was told time and time again would be about coping (just a pretty word for suffering) and it would be better for her if she gave up on her extraordinarily colorful aspirations and accepted that she had a mental illness, a handicap.  She had no interest in living any longer within that fate. And so she began to prepare to exit her life. She began detaching emotionally from everyone and everything. It was here, in this state of suffocating and deepening darkness, this final submission to the force that had been paralyzing her for so long, as her dreams began slipping gently from her opening grasp, that she became curious about one small detail… one tiny question that she could not seem to let go of. Was the bright beautiful happiness that she had always dreamed of, that she felt in her heart to be Truth… really just the delusion of a sick mind?

She decided that she needed to answer this one question before she left this earth, and going on the journey of seeking that answer is when her life  truly began. Years later, now living within an existence that is a baseline of happiness with peaks of joy and full of color (without meds or depression), she makes art that speaks to the triumph of the human spirit, Hope, and the full spectrum of colors of the human experience, even the dark colors- which is often where the most beauty lies.