Lydia Emily Archibald

Pasadena, CA
Art type:

Born in Chicago, Lydia Emily Archibald, or Lydiaemily as she is better known, is influenced by her travels as well as her upbringing. The daughter of a civil rights activist, issues of justice and social equality run through her blood. Inspired by a life-long desire to “bring fire to the people”, Lydiaemily creates art because of a profound and sincere feeling of obligation to humanity. In 2012, Lydiaemily founded The Karma Underground (TKU), a not for profit organization whose goal is to one day see a Tibet free from Chinese oppression. Her art ranges from street art, murals, and oil paintings, oftentimes painting on copies of the New York Times newspaper, and then translating the work onto canvas. Lydiaemily’s  artwork has been featured at gallery shows in Milan, Berlin, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Washington DC, and San Francisco.