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As a self-taught artist, LeNardo Nelson Sr has used art as a way of expressing and exploring his emotions, especially those experienced through divorce.

“This famous painter, Iarca, says that “Green is for Hope, Red is for Love and Yellow is for Warmth – Light – Life = God.” which I agree with. The colors I’ve used came from my soul and my body is the vehicle that transformed these fantastic colors into unimaginable images; these images were hidden deep within my being and are now being released for the world to see. My emotions are what I’m expressing on canvas, using acrylic paints, impasto and oil sticks as the medium to produce the textured pieces that I’ve produced.”

He also produces art to honor fathers who dedicate their lives to the well-being of their children, as well as to help families that have gone through divorce. He tells his story through art with the hope that his pieces will help other single parents rediscover purpose and paths of healing.