John Lee

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Jon Lee is an artist from Tampa, Florida. He was schooled in computer animation and fashion design. It wasn’t till years later though, that he discovered his love for painting. Growing up in Florida, his initial inspiration was that of the love for his surroundings. Jon Lee was invited to do an exhibition for a yacht manufacturer at the Ft. Lauderdale international boat show . This exhibition changed everything for him. He was introduced to a few up and coming street artist’s  who brought him to Miami’s Wynwood art district. His works instantly changed over night. A sense of freedom began to form when painting. Using bold designs, iconic images, and bright colors Jon Lee shares his life experiences.
“For me, art is more interesting when the message behind the piece is not clear at first glance. Regardless of a fish or very blatant hand gesture,  there is always a deeper message in my work. As obvious as some of my work may seem, to hear another break it down is always intriguing. The interpretation is owned by the individual,  it is personal. I like the message to not be so clear. For one may walk by and say, ‘Oh, I get it!’ and move on. I want to make people think and feel….I want people to stop and see my brushstrokes, and spurts and splatter of paint and say, ‘I wonder what he was thinking or feeling at that moment?!’ Every piece is a part of me. Whether a commission or an existing piece, I am in each one…this is my life, on canvas.”