Jerry Rodriguez

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Jerry Rodriguez is a self-taught artist originally from New York City and currently based in LA. His art came at in early age but it did not fully develop as his passion until he started to express himself through it. His work is very relatable for that reason, most pieces are told from the root of his story of both brokenness and triumphs. More importantly than selling art Jerry Rodriguez hopes to impact the lives of those who invest in his work through each piece they take home. While he has executed different mediums from watercolor, oils to hand-crafted art Jerry Rodriguez continues to explore new ways to tell his story. This allows a sense of ‘freshness’ to every piece through the meshing of both realism and abstract into a modern poppy result. In order to dive deeper into his journey follow him on social media platforms.
“Art is an expression. The moment we make something for an impression we lose the true sense of art.” -Jerry Rodriguez