Alexandre Ballouard

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Alexandre Ballouard was born in France in 1973. He grew up Paris in a small apartment with a brother and a mother. His simple Parisian upbringing exposed him to the great art of historic museums and classical theatre. Infinite possibilities lay ahead for the talent he displayed, and yet restlessness remained heavily with him. Alexandre had sensibilities beyond his years and school was merely a lesson in human nature. Trouble was always imminent and a necessary obstacle in the mundane progression of responsibility. Upon completion of his studies of art history and archaeology at La Sorbonne in Paris, he moved to the Montpellier school of art in preparation of his goal. He was accepted to the Beaux Arts of Paris program in 1994 where he honed his craft for the next five years. Alexandre moved to America in 1999 and continued his ingrained calling of creativity from New York to California. In 2005, along with artist and friend Thomas Olivier he founded Yotrythis a streetwear company based in LA packed with heavy graphics and full fashion lines for five seasons. As a painter his focus has been on his tangible surroundings, the people and the things, with a dark pop twist. His most recent work is a thought provoking look at old urban architecture and its destruction in order to create more freeways in the city of Los Angeles. His artistic narrative is always an unbiased demonstration of beauty in its many complexities.