Being the largest street art gallery in the world allows the LAB ART® Street Art Interior Design team to pull from a vast array of assets for your design needs.  From original paintings and sculptures to custom furniture and any number of unique pieces, Iskander and his team can tackle any request.



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Iskander Lemseffer Interior Designer LabArt

Iskander is a major influencer and pioneer in the art world. As the mastermind and founder of LAB ART, the largest street art gallery in the world, Lemseffer has created an unstoppable movement. Which help identify the opportunity for the company on a much largest scale. Lemseffer moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in fashion and found immediate success as a designer. An art aficionado and collector himself, Lemseffer would showcase the works of his favorite street artists at his fashion shows in Downtown Los Angeles. Fashion show attendees passionately asked Lemseffer to buy his own curated collection of artwork right off the walls at his fashion shows. He sought to open his own art gallery; a new kind of gallery, unlike anything in the Los Angeles art community called LAB ART. This new concept took street art to the gallery setting, elevating the role of graffiti-based mastery into a whole new breed of contemporary art. Instantly, LAB ART garnered a solid reputation as the hottest street art gallery known for its celebrity clientele, high-end contemporary artists and star-studded events.

Since it’s opening in 2011, LAB ART has found success with an unprecedented, ever changing line up of approximately 300 works all curated under the watchful eye of Lemseffer, by various street artists—both recognized names as well as up-and-comers such as Alec Monopoly, Kai, Louis XXX, Annie Preece, MONCHO1929, Skyler Grey, Carl Paoli, TRUST.iCON and many more. In 2014,

LAB ART became an official member of the Art Dealers Association of California which not only legitimizes every artist in the gallery, but has catapulted street art into a widely accepted art form. In 2014, Lemseffer opened a second location in Dallas, Texas. Lemseffer’s galleries are located at 217 S. La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles, CA and 315 Cole Street, Dallas, TX.