Street Art Fair International Show ‘Street’ featured in Huffington Post

The street art fair, ‘Street’, was organized by Street Art Fair International and ran during October 1st-3rd at Siren Studios Orange, celebrating graffiti and street art’s global movement. The show featured some of Lab Art’s very own, including Alec Monopoly, Odlaw, Mr. E., Greg AuerbachAnnie Preece, and MONCHO 1929

“The show…allows art fans to meet their favorite street artists, something that can be pretty hard to do considering most artists work with aliases to avoid arrest. With street art, the artists’ names might not even be on it, so touring the exhibits can be informative to connect the style and logos with the artist. ‘We believed that the street art community lacked a vehicle to directly reach the fans and many followers clamoring for a more personal relations and interaction,’ explained Christopher Andreoli, who is putting on the show with Jeff Hamilton and Iskander Lemseffer. ‘The energy and excitement at our first Street Art Fair confirmed that belief.'”

The full article includes the list of artists involved as well as a review of the show by John Wellington Ennis, can be found here