LA Exhibitions




JUNE 25th

Works of art made with nothing but thousands and thousands of Rubik’s Cubes? Talk about nostalgia and straight up ingenuity. We’re inLast week, Minx Society hosted the private opening night of Cube Works in Los Angeles! The invite-only event was held at LAB ART Gallery, the largest street art gallery in the world.

Cube Works Studio is world renowned for their work twisting Rubik’s cubes and Rubik’s-style cubes into stunning, cutting-edge works of art. As a small collaborative of specialized talents, their is focused on pushing the boundaries of modern art using the brightly-colored cubes as a distinct and universally identifiable medium.

Creative Director Josh Chalom says, “Our works are meant to inspire, unite and invoke a sense of nostalgia by using common, tangible objects and methods to create impressive and entertaining works of art that can be appreciated and enjoyed by all.”

Guests enjoyed beverages by Popwater, light bites by Berri’s Café, and sounds by DJWINNER & Bryden Lando.