Alexis Berman

Los Angeles, CA
Art type:

Alexis Berman is a Los Angeles native who received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of California. Her work spans multiple platforms ranging from paintings to performance art. Berman has created several different movements such as her value series, icon series and abstract series. The value series takes the viewer on a psychological journey based in oil paintings. The color, texture and text forces the viewer to think. The icon series blurs the line between spiritual and material. The breath-taking images call into question the foundation of religion and spiritual beliefs with the modern day adaptation of the beliefs based in the secular world. The abstract movement is the greatest reflection of what Berman observed in museums growing up. The colors and lack of a formal plan lend an insight into not only the artist’s creativity, but also her process and foundation. Berman’s brush strokes, foundation and design all become apparent when observing the abstract series.