Street Art Gallery | Los Angeles

LAB ART is the largest art gallery in the nation dedicated to street art. Spanning over 11,000 square feet of space between two locations, our main gallery is located in Los Angeles, California and our second location is in Dallas, Texas. Drawn from the street art movement,  LAB ART  brings together approximately 300 works, by various street artists—both recognized names as well as up-and-comers. The unprecedented line-up includes some of the most renowned urban artists in the world including: Alec Monopoly, Kai Aspire, Thank You X, Mar, and Dog Byte  among many other talents.

LAB ART works with some of the most exciting and innovative artists who collectively defy categorization. Marking one of the most comprehensive presentations of street art, the wide-ranging exhibition brings together works from across a variety of mediums, including painting, sculpture, drawings, mixed-media, photography and installations.

Curated under the watchful eye of former fashion designer Iskander Lemseffer, LAB ART's collection showcases a movement that will deservedly make its mark in contemporary art history. The grand opening debuts a massive exhibition by some of the most notorious artists including celebrity favorites: Alec Monopoly, famous for his paradoxical spins of the Monopoly man, and Thank You X, known for his images of art icon Andy Warhol, and Sean D'Anconia, whose virtual universe called "Majestyland" is the setting for faux-films and adverts, created in his signature Pop-Fusion aesthetic.

Other highlights include the gallery bar-top painted by urban muralist Gregory Siff—known for his 6th Street Mural at The Standard Downtown, and a life-size cow statue titled "Cheshire Cow" created by artist Rabi and inspired by the Cheshire Cat. Among the artists showcased are Alec Monopoly, Thank You X, Gregory Siff and many more.

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